Elements of Art and Principles of Design

Understanding the elements and principles of art helps people talk and think about art. You have been asked to guest lecture a class that is now studying this topic.Being that you are an FCPand Photoshop pro, you decided to use these tools to create an educational video that teaches and illustrates these concepts.

Elements of Art

The elements of art are the parts of an artwork that an artist plans. The elements are color, value, line, shape, form, texture and space.

Principles of Art
The principles of art help artists plan their art and think about how other people will react to the artwork. The principles are balance, contrast, proportion, pattern, rhythm, emphasis, unity, and variety.

1st- Research each of the bold terms above by visiting this site (Studying Art) and writing out the definitions. Make sure to also notice and sketch examples of each term into your notes as well as save sample images from the internet as examples.

- Create a storyboard of your research that will include your diagrams, animations, and voice-over that you will use in your project.

3rd- Use Adobe photoshop to create an example collage for each of the terms you are discussing in your video. Original work is always preferred, but you may also find images on line, just make sure to cite the artist's work.

4th- Import all your photoshop files into FCP and complete your narration. Now work on synching up your shots and adding any animations or added titles.

Share you lesson with me and then we'll be ready to teach your lesson to our class.